Admissions Nurse Coordinator (LPN)

Are you interested in joining a team of care givers who have been making a difference in people’s lives for more than 40 years? Roo Lan is seeking to ad an Admissions Nurse Coordinator to assist with admission and resident placement at our health care campus. The Admissions Coordinator assists in meeting the medically related and social and environmental needs of the residents according to state, federal and long term care guidelines.

Reports to: The Facility Administrator

Qualifications: licensed as an LPN in the state of WA, with a background and experience with geriatric long term care.

Location: Lacey, WA

Job skills:

  • An Admissions LPN must demonstrate an interest and ability to work with and understand the needs of long term care residents.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and cooperate with residents, caregivers, and staff; and personnel from community agencies.
  • Strong language and writing skills.
  • Must have a knowledge of and commitment to Residents’ Rights and promote their dignity, privacy and independence.
  • Should have a working knowledge of Medicare, Medicaid and HMOs regarding eligibility as well as admission and discharge planning.

Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Admissions LPN screens admission inquiries and coordinates with appropriate team staff to determine if the facility can adequately meet the potential resident’s needs. Assists in determining financial, and potential discharge needs.
  • Meets with potential resident 210-060 and caregivers, either in house or at the hospital or place of residence. Provides tours of facilities and orients and educates them to the admission process.
  • Completes admission inquiry form, determines appropriate room placement and initiates the admission process, alerting the in-house services as required.
  • Counsels and prepares residents and caregivers for admission to the facility. Identifies decision-maker and completes contractual agreement and required procedures.
  • Completes admission agreement with resident or POA/Guardian. Gathers financial identification.

Financial Management:

  • Counsels and educates resident and caregivers on financial needs for long term care and refers client to appropriate community or HMO agencies.
  • Acts as liaison with required financial HMO offices for necessary admission and initial care services. Assists in facilitating individual client payment for the provision of services in a timely manner.

Placement/Case Management:

  • Builds relationships with residents and/or caregivers, assists in determining needs and provides supportive and/ or behavioral intervention. Support each resident’s right to self-determination.
  • Admissions LPN Coordinates and consults with team to assist with appropriate room changes.
  • Continue to increase knowledge base by attending in-services, seminars and continuing education.

Discharge Planning:

  • Participate in the assessment and development of a realistic and appropriate discharge plan with the resident, family/caregivers, and interdisciplinary team.
  • Assist and promote a smooth transition from the facility into new living situation and document as needed in the discharge planning and progress notes sections of the medical record.

Community Resources:

  • Develops a broad and comprehensive knowledge of available long term care facility and community resources.
  • Develops and maintains a working relationship with community facilities and agencies. Participates in long term care and senior adult meetings and forums representing the facility.
  • Documents the referrals made, services rendered, and the effects of such services for the resident and facility as needed.
  • Assists in identifying department resources and requirements.

Have Questions?? Please contact Lida 200-355 Morgenroth, at

To Apply: Please complete the following application and attach a current resume