Premium Memory Care, Without the Premium Price


The minimum average cost of memory care is now $97,000, but not at Roo Lan.

Roo Lan’s owner’s recognized  that the ballooning cost of health care was placing families in Western Washington in a difficult position. Many cannot afford a standard 2-year contract in a secure, memory care community, but they are still months if not years away from qualifying for Medicaid. This service gap means many families would have no alternative but to try and manage their loved one’s condition in-home, an emotionally draining and potentially dangerous prospect. Determined to help, Roo Lan redeveloped our Memory Care plan to make it as affordable as possible without compromising care in any way.

NO CARE LEVELS: Care levels at other communities place a great deal of uncertainty on families in terms of just how much caring for their loved one will actually cost. It is not uncommon for the monthly fees to double at other communities over a 2-year contract as a resident ages and needs more help. Roo Lan offers a Fixed-Rate for our residents, one in which the cost of care will never go up because all of a sudden mom needs help dressing in the morning.

6-MONTH CONTRACTS: The minimum length of time a family needs to be able to prove they can afford at most other communities is now 2-years. That’s a long time and requires a lot of resources. Roo Lan is bucking that trend with a 6-Month Minimum Length contract. Families need only 6-month’s of private funds to afford Roo Lan, which bring us to our finally distinguishing features.

MEDICAID FRIENDLY: Following their 6-month contract, once a resident in our community qualifies for Medicaid they switch over. There are no string attached, no waiting lists, and no separate wing we force them to move to. As far as our resident’s are concerned nothing changes for them during the Medicaid switch, and their families can rest easy knowing that no matter what their financial status is, their loved one is safe.

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