Welcome to Roo Lan Health Care

Serving Lacey For More Than 40 Years

Roo Lan is Lacey’s only family-owned Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) having served families here since 1971. Our owner Craig Levee, has always put the well being and care of his staff and the seniors under their care ahead of raw profit. As a result Roo Lan boasts a 4-Star, Medicare rated nursing facility and some of the most experienced staff in the county. Some of our nurses have been at Roo Lan for more than 30-years! To learn more about Roo Lan, head over to the Our Story page.

A Different Kind of CCRC Community

Roo Lan is a CCRC Community focused on higher levels of care. Many of our need 24-hour nursing care, or a secure facility to remain safe and healthy. Families coming to us are looking for a facility that has a proven history of caring for loved-ones with especially complex medical needs. In addition to our exceptional care, our team strives to provide services to help families from all walks of life, regardless of their financial, social, or ethnic background.